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What We Do. 

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Horse Ost was set up by Tony Nevin BSc (Hons) Ost, DO to focus more than 31 years of treating all types of horse, pony, and donkey with osteopathy. Working with vets to create treatment programmes specifically for each individual patient. Unlike many animal therapists Tony believes the only truly effective way of providing proper care is to work within a multi disciplinary practice.

This is the ethos behind Horse Ost. Bringing all that is great from the osteopathic profession and combining it with the very best from the equine veterinary world.

Equine Treatment

Our Approach

Horses communicate with us through body language more than vocally. Yet it is very often this body language that gets ignored by trainers and owners alike. At Horse Ost we recognise that body language, and changes in temperament are very often signs of altered movement patterns, or musculo-skeletal compromise in the horse.

EACH EQUINE has a natural way in which it should move, whether it's a racehorse, cob, or Shetland pony. Much of the tack and training aids used prevent this natural movement. Over time the animal adapts to a different way of propulsion, and this becomes evident in the way parts of its body alter in muscle bulk, tension, and sometimes increased sensitivity to touch and pressure being applied.

CHANGES IN the way a horse moves over time lead to what is referred to as somatic dysfunction. That is there is no actual pathology present, but rather a learnt way of moving that is less efficient and more stressful to the animal in general. Instead of there being free flight of the limbs, along with smooth flexion and extension of the trunk and neck, one sees dishing and paddling of limbs, stiffness of the neck, with no movement between skull and neck, as well as increased lateral movement through the hind quarters.

Other problems could include: 

  • Bucking

  • Changes in behaviour

  • Cold backed

  • Tighter on one rein

  • Reluctance to engage behind

  • Unlevel

  • A gradual decrease in overall performance

  • Any or all of these signs could indicate that a horse has a neck and back problem

If you would like to find out more about what we can do for your equine, get in touch on +44 (0)7931 759339 or email us at


Please note: Osteopathic consultations are via veterinary referral

Need a Veterinary Referral Form? Click HERE to download

Laser Therapy

LASER THERAPY generates a chemical response in damaged tissues by a process called photobiomodulation. This process stimulates healing at a cellular level by enabling these damaged cells to more rapidly produce energy via accelerated ATP production. It is useful for helping to treat soft tissue and joint related conditions. Used in conjunction with osteopathic treatment we have found it to be beneficial for many conditions and situations.

For more detailed information please contact us.

High Definition Infrared

Thermal Imaging (HD IRTI)

THE USE of high definition infrared thermal imaging is an extremely safe, and useful way of assessing musculoskeletal problems, and their progress during osteopathic treatment programs. It is a non-invasive instrument that measures heat radiated off the body of a patient due to blood flow directly under the skin. This blood flow is controlled by part of the autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Studies on humans have found that changes in blood flow under the skin result in altered temperature readings that correspond to nerve pathway patterns (dermatomes) throughout the body. By thermal imaging a patient it is possible to determine areas of musculoskeletal disturbance, as well as build up a database during a program of osteopathic treatment. For this to be effective, all IRTI scanning has to be carried out under strictly controlled conditions to ensure accurate readings are obtained.

For further information please contact us.

Bespoke Services

We can offer individuals, teams, or clubs support packages to improve strength and stamina of your horses, and reduce avoidable injury due to poor core strength. By introducing preventative measures we can help you to achieve more consistent levels of fitness and stamina in your equine athletes. Training is provided on site for maximum effect, with on-going support throughout the season. Please e-mail us to outline your specific needs.


What about our Human Work?

Our Human Work is very important to us, and has a website of its own.

Animals at the Clinic?

Don't worry - only human patients are treated at our Cheltenham clinic in Gloucestershire.

Zoo Ost Ltd

Zoo Ost Ltd

This green bean stick insect loves a meal. Osteopathy isn’t just for back pain #insects #shorts

Our latest Leopard Tortoise. We have begun osteopathic treatment #tortoise #shorts #shortvideo

Some red light therapy for this young blue tongue skink #shorts #short #shortvideo #zooost

To book an appointment call us on +44 (0)1242 221153

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