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Welcome to Horse Ost. Providing Osteopathic care for horses, ponies and all equids.
Est 1998.

Our Services

Horse Ost was set up by Tony Nevin BSc (Hons) Ost, DO to focus more than
31 years of treating all types of horse, pony, and donkey with osteopathy.

No one is immune from back or peripheral joint problems.

CPD Workshops

We run a series of one day Equine Workshops looking at specific aspects of treatment.

Laser Treatment

Horses, ponies and donkeys can benefit from our laser.

High Definition Thermography

Benefit from a hi-resolution thermo scan.




Horse Ost videos
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About Us

Horse Ost was set up by Tony Nevin BSc (Hons) Ost, DO to focus more than 31 years of treating all types of horse, pony, and donkey with osteopathy. Working with vets to create treatment programmes specifically for each individual patient.


What about our Human Work?

Our Human Work is very important to us, and has a website of its own.

Horses at the Clinic?

Don't worry - only human patients are treated at our Cheltenham clinic in Gloucestershire.


Follow our adventures

We love the fact we are helping with conservation and education through our work. Having you onboard for the journey makes it even better.

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What our patients say


"Tony has treated my horse Buzz since he arrived as a baby faced 3-year-old racehorse straight off the track. Retraining him to become an event horse has taken a long time as his entire body had to change and develop strength in totally different ways. Tony has helped him flourish throughout this period - he has now developed muscle in all the right places and enjoys his work so much. Tony has been a vital part of my team helping Buzz transform in this way and has worked alongside my other specialists who together enable Buzz and me to keep progressing."

Some of our affiliates

Ever wondered what osteopaths get up to?

Let's talk osteopathy...



Would you like to read more about Osteopathy? Check out our popular blog on Medium


Tony regularly creates bespoke workshops and lectures in the UK and internationally

Radio Show

Ever wondered what osteopaths get up to? Tune in to our regular radio show on Corinium.

New Book

A textbook for all those using osteopathic techniques with animals or birds, or studying


Animal Therapy Magazine

Created for professionals

in the field of Animal Therapy


To book an appointment call us on +44 (0)1242 221153